Recipe Books

282460207849354834_cDtqYc9A_bI have always thought about getting together a number of my favourite recipes and putting them together in my very own recipe book and try to get them published, but considering how many cook books are already out there, well it would have to be something of spectacular proportions. Well my recipes are not out of the ordinary, they are homely and are already published in (probably hundreds) recipe books all over the world. Then of course there is always copyright issues, etc, etc…soooooo, I thought, why not just do a Blog, that I can add my favourites to and have a quick reference to when I need it. (I am terrible at remembering the ingredients, no matter how many times I have made it).
Hopefully some people out there in cyber world will want to like and try them too.
All my recipes are tried and tested, and although, everyones tastes are different, I love them and hope you will too.


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