Happy New Year


So as we move to 2013 and out of 2012, I am sure lots of you out there will be raising lots of glasses. Nothing wrong with celebrating for celebrating sake. Only problem with that I find, is the morning after. Last thing I can face the morning after is the smell and taste of anything frying. Yes, that means bacon, sausages and fried sunny-side up eggs are out of the question. But, if most of you are like me, the morning after brings on those hunger rumbles in the tummy. For a quick and easy breakfast, that is not heavy on the tummy, I have to recommend a classic European breakfast of soft boiled eggs with toasted fingers (or soldiers, as we Brits like to call them). The recipe I have posted in the breakfast menu, adds a little extra twist to the fingers, but if that is all too much after the night before, just regular sliced bread toasted and sliced into finger shapes with a small knob of butter is just as good, this also cuts down the time to 10 mins.

Hoping you all enjoy, and have a safe, fruitful, Happy 2013!


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